The company


The company was founded in 2005 focused on the production of concrete, excavation and earthmoving. In 2011 the company acquired its present name since expanding its activities in road freight transport. The company's headquarters is located in the Industrial Area of Ioannina. The shareholders of the company is the Balantani family, namely Mr. Balantanis Gregory, his wife Balantani Virginia and their children Balantanis Anastasios and Balantani Elena.

A pivotal point of the strategy that the company follows, is to develop higher quality products which will appeal to a specialized audience, follow the principles of sustainable development and help to boost local employment and entrepreneurship.

The productive activity that the company follows includes a complex manufacturing ready-mix. The productive activity is implemented as follows:
- Aggregates (sand and cement) are stored in silos of the company
- Aggregates are transported with conveyors, in the weighing and dosing section
- After dosages are measured, they are driven in a mixer assembly where they are mixed with water and ready-mixed concrete is created
- Concrete mixers are loaded through specific receptors in order to convey the repository usually is a new construction.